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How to Choose an Outdoor Rug?

How to Choose an Outdoor Rug?

Rugs are not just items used indoors. Just as indoor rugs are necessary for a stylish and neat home decoration, outdoor rugs are equally important for outdoors. There are also outdoor rugs designed to make areas such as gardens, picnics, camping and patios more comfortable. Today, rugs designed for the outdoors are produced with durable and long-lasting materials. So how do you know which outdoor rugs are right for you? What should you consider when choosing rugs for your outdoor spaces? How to care for and clean outdoor rugs? How to choose an outdoor rug? You can start reading our article without wasting time to find out the answers to the questions in your mind.

What is the Importance of Outdoor Rugs?

Imagine yourself. It is a sunny day, the sun is greeting you. Flowers are like a colorful addition to the greenery of nature and the birds are creating background music for this beautiful summer day. You will not think about spending the day indoors. You need to go out and spend this precious time, but your outdoor space needs to be in harmony with nature's decoration. So besides your furniture, you will need to choose an outdoor rug. And at this point, you need to know how to choose an outdoor rug that is ideal for you.

Outdoor rug features include being lightweight, easy to clean, and unique looking. They are distinguished from indoor rugs by being resistant to dirt and mud. They withstand rain much better and hold their value and quality. We can confidently say that sleek yet so practical is the main definition for outdoor rugs. But how to choose an outdoor rug? We, Beverly Rugs will now cover this problem.

Size of Outdoor Rugs

The first equation that needs to be solved to choose an outdoor rug is the size. Size can make a lot of differences, if you choose too small it will just feel tragically funny and make a mess. If you buy something tremendously big, well, it will be another disaster.

So how to choose an outdoor rug with a fitting size without accidentally making it a hazardous area? Well, the first step you should take is to measure your dining tables' size. You will want your rugs to cover your area, and not fall short. If you choose it short, it will be infuriating to deal with. While deciding this you also should consider the area you want your and your guests' feet to cover.

Since you will host your guests or spend your time with your family on the seating furniture after a delicious meal, your furniture needs to be considered in choosing the outdoor rug. The rule of thumb is this: At least the front half of your seatings need to sit on your rug. Unless it will feel sloppy and devoid of elegance. You may choose your size varying between 4x6 and 8x10. Don’t be hesitant to buy more than one from our outdoor rug selection when needed. It may bring a more stable and natural look to your outdoor spaces.

Choosing the Right Color for Create Stylish Outdoor Spaces

It is without a doubt that outdoor rugs are an important part of our living places. Not just because they get crushed beneath our feet for the sake of comfort, but also for decoration issues. We live in an era of elegance and art now, and we express ourselves with items that we use. So our rugs will be the ultimate piece of this way of expression. Colors come first in this endeavor. But what to look for when buying an outdoor rug? Well, if your outdoor space is small and if you want it to brighten up the atmosphere, we suggest you go with a cream or white. This way, it can create the perception of a wider and breathing space. It is also possible to choose warmer colors like yellow, orange or red.

If you live in a cloudy and rainy region, it will be a wiser choice to take a tad bit darker. There in fact is no wrong choice, all you have to do is to review your furniture and the weather, and of course the most important- your taste. Ultimately, the answer to the question of how to choose an outdoor rug is determined by your personal tastes.

Getting a Grasp of Fabric Types

How to choose an outdoor rug among models with different material properties? At this point, there are some criteria that you should pay attention to. Waterproof and rain resistant is the most important component of outdoor rugs. Weather should not be able to affect the rug easily. An outdoor rug should be durable and among a variety of materials, Polypropylene stands out the most. Some choose natural plant-origin fiber carpets, and this is another good way to go.

Polypropylene is cleaning-friendly and easy to use. It also is an enemy of mold. Polypropylene is flammable though, so when you think about how to choose an outdoor rug, you need to be aware of this. An outdoor rug made of this material can easily be tricky for barbecue lovers and grillers. We can suggest fiber rugs such as seagrass. They are also durable but can hold mold easily. So be careful with wild or uncovered porches.

Beverly Rugs provide UV and weather-resistant outdoor rug selection. Feel safe to buy whatever you need without any hesitance.

How to Clean Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug is so humble. It doesn’t require complex effort, just simple steps. Especially at Beverly Rug, every rug is a washable rug. You got to shake your foldable, lightweight Beverly Rug Outdoor Rug first. This is to get rid of visible dirt and dust. Then grab your vacuum and clean to release deeper dirt, vacuuming will also help for stubborn stuck-in dirt that you basically can’t shake off.

If it doesn’t feel enough, do not worry. Your rug is washable. Take your hose and your brush. Rinse it and just wash it. But be careful with your cleaning products, for some chemicals may harm your rug. Vinegar or diluted dish soap is usually a safe choice. After cleaning your place, you should give it an inclined position for it will drain more quickly. It is extremely easy to create a hygienic environment outdoors with washable rugs.

We, Beverly Rug, are proud of our products. We serve high quality products for affordable prices to our customers. You can now register and benefit from frequent discounts and fast shipping and easy payment methods.


Q: Can outdoor rugs be left outside?

A: Yes, our rugs are meant to live outside all seasons of the year. It is durable.

Q: Can outdoor rugs be okay in the rain?

A: Of course, they can withstand rain, there will be no problem.

Q: Can outdoor rugs get moldy?

A: Outdoor rugs are pretty durable, but in extreme and long conditions their fibers can get moldy. You need to clean properly.

Q: Do you need to put anything under an outdoor rug?

A: Yes. For a better grip and longevity, you can use rug pads.

Q: Do outdoor rugs get hot in the sun?

A: No, our rugs are resistant to sunlight. It circulates the air in itself.



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